Based in Seattle, Washington, and founded in 2015, Mack Research provides market-timing research to financial professionals and individual investors.   We focus on the U.S. equity and bond markets and strive to provide timely indications of probable turning points through multiple investment models.

Andrew McCormick

Since launching Mack Research in 2015, Andrew has engaged in continuous research and analysis of systematic investing strategies and timing models.  He is the primary contributor to the monthly Mack Research report.


Prior to Mack Research, Andrew worked within BlackRock Alternative Advisors, where he and a small team oversaw the operations of approximately $30Bn in client assets across fund of funds, private equity, renewable power, real assets, and single-strategy hedge funds.


From 2012 to 2014, Andrew was president of Atlas Ratings, a research and advisory company that evaluated the security and stability of commodity brokerage firms (FCMs).  He founded Atlas as a result of the MF Global collapse and positioned the company to serve in an advisory capacity for global hedge funds, energy companies, utilities, high-net-worth investors, and proprietary trading firms.  Senator Baccus (MT) used Atlas research in a Senate Agricultural Committee hearing to quantify the risk of vulnerable brokerage firms on farmers and ranchers.


Prior to Atlas, Mr. McCormick was the founder and president of MKC Global Investments, a hedge fund and CTA.  The fund’s strategy was quantitative and utilized a long-term trend-following approach across nearly 100 global commodity, financial, and FX markets.


Andrew attended Montana State University and is a registered EMT and combat-certified fire fighter.  He is a husband and father, has a yellow lab (Beasley), and lives in Seattle.

Edward Kim

A skilled investor and trader through rigorous process management and analysis, Edward embodies global macro investing.  His investing interests span the globe from Malaysian palm oil futures to the South African Rand to U.S. small caps.


Prior to joining Mack, Edward worked as a consultant with hedge funds, high-net-worth investors, and data providers.  He specialized in evaluating alternative/emerging market and event-driven opportunities.  In addition, he worked with clients to design and develop trading models focused around investor psychology.


Edward enjoys designing math-based algorithms for sports analytics, has a soft spot for Korean BBQ, and reads philosophy for relaxation.