Below are answers to questions we receive on a regular basis in addition to questions we think should be asked.  If you have further questions, please contact us.

How Are Sentiment Indicators Developed?


Sentiment analysis is close to our heart.  We find it fascinating and highly rewarding.  Our sentiment indicators are composites of multiple underlying measures that create a robust, versatile, and completely proprietary barometer of investor attitude.  Developing this resource requires looking at sentiment in a broader sense and through multiple lenses.  In order to achieve this, we track retail investor sentiment as well as the mood of professional investors.  In addition, we monitor market action as it relates to underlying sentiment.


What Markets are Included In the Monthly Research?


Our primary long-term market-timing model focuses on U.S. equities.  However, we provide sentiment-based timing models for 50 individual markets across commodities, stocks, bonds and currencies.

Energy Grains Meat/Dairy Metals Interest Rates Softs Stock Indices Currencies
#2 Heating Oil Corn Feeder Cattle Gold Ultra T-Bond Sugar Nasdaq 100 Dollar Index
Light Sweet Crude Oats Lean Hogs Silver 30-Year T-Bond Cocoa Russell 2000 AUD
RBOB Gasoline Rough Rice Live Cattle Platinum 10 Year T-Note Coffee S&P 500 CAD
 Natural Gas Soy Meal Milk (Class III) Palladium 5 Year T-Note Cotton S&P 400 CHF
  Soy Oil    Copper 2 Year T-Note FCOJ VIX EUR
  Soybeans     Fed Funds  Lumber  Nikkei 225 GBP
  Wheat (HRW)      Eurodollars     JPY
  Wheat (Spring)           MXN
   Wheat (SRW)            NZD

Due to the high correlation among global equity markets, particularly those in developed countries, foreign clients should find substantial value in Mack Research.  Whether you invest in the DAX, FTSE, ASE or KOSPI 200, our service will be of value.

Is Price Used as an Input to the Sentiment Model?


No, the sentiment models are designed to purely measure investor sentiment and do not include price or even a derivation of price (e.g. MACD, ROC, or some other price-based oscillator).

Cancellation Policy


Clients are free to cancel their subscriptions at any time and for any reason.  Upon cancellation, they will be refunded the prorated amount of their remaining subscription.  We require 30 days’ notice by email.