Weekly charts providing proprietary sentiment models for Commodities, Stocks, Bonds and Currencies.


When compared to a central bank announcement or an economic data release, sentiment data is fragmented and often overlooked.  This characteristic creates opportunity in an industry where, all things being equal, the more unknown a data set, typically the more value it holds.  By aggregating sentiment data, we created industry-leading models for the world’s largest commodity and asset markets to serve institutional investors and commodity traders.  We provide both short- and long-term models across 50 global markets.


Short-Term Model


Focusing on a time horizon composed of approximately 2-4 months, our short-term model is designed for individuals looking to make short-term trades, benefit from interim market dislocations or for long-term investors interested in honing their entry/exit timing.


Crude Oil Sentiment

Crude Oil v.s. Short-Term Sentiment Model 10/15 – 6/17


Long-Term Model


Designed to assist the making of strategic buy/sell decisions or crafting a multi-year market outlook, our long-term model focuses on a time horizon of approximately 24-48+ months.  Long-term oriented market participants see this model as a critical component in identifying secular turns.  For commodity companies, these price moves typically drive the firm’s major strategic decisions.  For investors, these major secular turns typically drive primary market outlooks and dictate core portfolio positions.


New reports are typically sent by 12PM PST each Friday.  In the event that a Friday coincides with a Federal Holiday, the report will be sent by 12PM PST the following Monday.


Success in today’s interconnected markets requires a global awareness.  Here at Mack, we are the only provider of sentiment data on all of the world’s most liquid asset markets:


Energy Stock Indices FX Grains Metals Softs Meat/Dairy Interest Rates
#2 Heating Oil S&P 500 USD Corn Gold Sugar Lean Hogs Eurodollars
Crude Oil Nasdaq 100 EUR Soybeans Silver Cotton Live Cattle Fed Funds
RBOB Gasoline S&P 400 JPY Soy Oil Platinum Coffee Feeder Cattle 2-Year T-Note
Natural Gas Russell 2000 GBP Soy Meal Palladium Cocoa Milk (Class III) 5-Year T-Note
  VIX AUD Wheat (SRW) Copper FCOJ   10-Year T-Note
  Nikkei 225 CAD Wheat (HRW)   Lumber   30-Year T-Bond
    CHF Wheat (Spring)       Ultra T-Bond
    MXN Oats        
    BTC * Rough Rice        


*Bitcoin sentiment is expected to be available in early 2018


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